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Instore Beschallungstechnik ELA Lautsprecher
Instore Beschallungstechnik ELA Lautsprecher
Instore Musik am Point of Sale
instore radio programm torsten stender
Digital Signage im Friseur Salon

Instore Radio solutions

Instore radio programme, music and technology

instore radio programm torsten stender

Instore Radio program

Entertain your customers and employees

Radio P.O.S has been the only licenced radio broadcasterin the instore media industry¹ for over 25 years. As a radio broadcaster, we have a high level of expertise in editorial and media technology and always work with a complete team of radio editorial staff. This consists of radio journalists, producers, radio and sound technicians and social media editors.

¹Approved by the MA-HSH (State Media Authority of Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein)

Instore Musik am Point of Sale

Instore music

Use individual music formats

As a Europe-wide broadcaster, we are your point of contact for professional music programmes. Working with us, you can compile your selection of music yourself from over 85 complete music channels that have been put together by our music editorial team in manner that is oriented towards specific target groups. Whether it is seasonal or for a specific occasion, we deliver the right accompanying sounds.


Sound technology (EAS)

Installation and maintenance of the technology

The electro-acoustic system, EAS for short, forms the technical foundation for your instore equipment. To fill your shopping area with sound, you can choose from a range of loudspeakers. Existing systems can also be connected to our playback devices so that your point of sale becomes an auditory highlight for customers and employees.

Maintenance and service

We install instore technology and maintain your existing system

Our service includes a range of services for holistic and technical support. The procurement and initial operation of your instore technology, the rollout and the subsequent maintenance all form the foundation of our technical services. Across Germany and Europe are employees and partners are available for you and ready to help.

Digital Signage

Visual support for your instore communication

Modern communication is the nuts and bolts of the purchase decision. What instore radio is for your ears, digital signage is for your eyes. Using visual cues allows us to position your products and brands in a perfect tableau. Whether using a projector or innovative projections, small screens or LED presentations: Digital signage speaks to customers in its own unique way.


Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact us.

We would be happy to advise you!

The effect that musichas on us impacts up to 90% of our decisions. Radio P.O.S. uses musicand advertising in a targeted way in order to create a pleasant atmosphere right where the purchasing decision is made, making it feel pleasant to linger and thereby extending the stay of your customers. After all, the longer they are in the shop, the more they are ultimately likely to spend. Specially created music programmes containing advertising messages can be added to at any time, entirely according to your individual desires and ideas.

It is easier than you think, as quite a number of solutions are Plug &Play. We would be happy to advise you about your current systems and products or, if you prefer, we could visit you for a private meeting.

A full month of music programmes costs you only a little more than a good CD. You don’t need to worry about anything else, as the programme will be created according to your desires, will be recorded, and continuously updated.

Certainly! We will create your individual communication concept together with you, from musical background sound to music programmes for precise times of the day, advertising messages and image segments to digital signage / multichannel concepts (e.g. iBeacon).

That depends on how your branches are currently equipped. A prerequisite for the music service is the availability of a local loudspeaker system (EAS loudspeaker and amplifier) on-site and a playback device. Of course we would also be happy to completely equip your branch on request.

Yes! As a radio broadcaster, we have our own in-house programme editing team and produce advertising spots on request (radio and TV/in different languages), news and live programmes.

Yes. In Germany public reproduction of copyrighted music is always subject to GEMA (Society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights). We would be happy to make the GEMA/GVL payment at the discounted collective tariff for you, and can advise you so that we can make our way through the GEMA jungle together to find the right tariff.

We continually work to achieve the satisfaction of our customers. If you still have a problem with your technology, or if you just have a question, our experienced service department would be happy to help you further ( or Service-Hotline 01805/212921).

Radio P.O.S. is a licenced radio broadcaster, which specialises in instore communication. For more than 25 years we have designed instore radio and instore TV programmes as customised, complete solutions that are as individual as you and your target groups.

With Radio P.O.S., you will get everything from a single source and Made in Germany. Our customer advisors are always there for you (not a call centre service). With our experienced radio and TV journalists, producers and speakers, we can always respond flexibly to your programme requests because, as a licenced radio broadcaster (State Media Authority of Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein), we have our own in-house radio and TV editors. We provide you with the necessary broadcasting and transmission technology. Benefit from our professional procurement, installation and maintenance network. As a certified specialist company we also assume the tasks of professional planning in accordance with DIN specifications, construction management, initial operation and maintenance of your voice alarm system.

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