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  • Europe-wide operating broadcaster for Instore music
  • Contact person for professional music program
  • over 85 complete music channels for different target markets
  • Compilation of individual Instore music formats
  • Music channels for Christmas for carnival or for the Oktoberfest

Why Music?

The effect of music is diverse

Music brings people together. Whether you are out and about, at home or even at the point of sale. Wherever you are, feelings are essentially determined through music. That’s why we use Instore music in a targeted way to ensure your customers feel good. The right music emphasises brands and products, which is why people find it easier to identify with them. Purchasing decisions are significantly influenced.

Music formats

Relaxing or motivating sounds

Together with you, we design the right sound experience and will put together your entire Instore music programme for you as required. Does your company have specific desires and ideas about how customers should be entertained? Our music editors create completely new music formats for your business or also your branches. We look forward to receiving your inquiry!


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