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Instore Radio Program

Learn more about a way to entertain your customers and employees

LIVE Radio

Always the latest news

  • hourly news in order to inform your customers
  • Morning show tune your employees into the day
  • for sport fans there is the football showat the weekends
  • current information in order to be completely up-to-date
  • we also use quotes for your instore radio program

Are you interested in an instore radio programme for your business? Please contact us without any obligation.


Information and Entertainment

We provide programmes for everyone. As a service provider we ensure that your customers are well informed. Service topics and editorial contributions read by the sympathetic voices of our speakers, offer the right entertainment for the whole day. Advisor, highlights from the world of sport, the VIPs or the charts are highlighted in the presentation.

Are you looking for entertainment in your business? Please contact us without any obligation.

Commercial Content

Raise awareness of special offers

If desired, commercial content can also be broadcast into your shop in order to inform customers about current offers or ongoing campaigns. In consultation with your our editorial team will create individual advertising spots for all areas: Instore radio, web and terrestrial radio. We thereby take over the whole production for you through to the placement of the advertisements.


Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact us. We would be happy to advise you!

Instore radio, generally also known as shop radio, is a radio programme at the point of sale. It is one of the most effective communication methods on-site at the point of sale. It provides a pleasant shopping experience for the customer and can also be used in a targeted way to make them aware of products. The mix of music, advertising spots and editorial contributions throughout the day accompanies the customers in a pleasant way while they are in the shop.

The main service of shopping radio is a user-orientated, feel-good atmosphere. It should increase the purchasing impulse and improve the mood of the customer so that they say to themselves: I would be happy to come here again.

Music is emotion and speaks to our senses. Emotions influence up to 90 percent of our shopping behaviour. Branded products want to achieve the same: After all, the best-selling products are brands. Thus you create a connection between the customer and the product, and you rely on diverse, current music that is appropriate and speaks to your target group.

We provide Europe-wide individual music programmes that are right for your target group. That’s how branded products are highlighted in a targeted way and address customers directly. As a service provider we can produce your advertising on request.  News and editorial infotainment round off the programme and ensure the perfect shopping experience. We reach the customer directly on-site and are not tied to a specific location.

Both customers and employees can be reached using shopping radio. One target group listens for a short period of time, the other listens for a longer period of time. It is a new and exciting challenge every day to make it equally attractive for both groups of listeners. Customers should feel as good as possible at the point of sale. Our editorial programme is therefore varied and exciting: We provide news on an hourly basis and produce contributions like holiday magazine or cinema tips.

For employees there is the morning program: Even before the shop opens, we tune your employees into the day ahead. With infotainment contributions about the day ahead. Employees can even use programming to greet or congratulate one another; direct contact is what is important to us. The Morning show is just the right thing for this.

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