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Sound technology (EAS)

The music system for your business

Beschallungstechnik (ELA)Beschallungstechnik (ELA)

More than just a loudspeaker

Technical accessories for the point of sale

    • anelectro-acoustic system (EAS) with many possibilities
    • Shop fitting: advice, planning (Auto-CAD) and support
    • we organise the procurement and initial operation of EAS technology
    • comprehensive network of in-house P.O.S technicians and service partners
    • reliable and long-standing operation of our built-in hardware

Voice alarm

More security and reliability when purchasing

As part of the EAS, the voice alarm system (VAS) ensures that in the event of an emergency/fire, those persons who are danger are alerted promptly and can be systematically evacuated. It monitors itself for internal errors, and for loudspeaker and firefighter intercom faults.


Use of standardised technology

In addition to the applicable DIN-VDE 0833/4, product standards for all components of the VAS are also imperative. Obviously we comply with this standard and only install certified products in accordance with EN 54-16, EN 54-24 and EN 54-4. They signify the highest level of precision, activation of your EAS to the second in the event of an alarm, and reliable, permanent operation even in extreme conditions, for example a fire.

Certified in accordance with DIN 14675 and ISO 9001:2008

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